AASH 研讨会
Each year AAVS Shanghai hosts a symposium in which 20+ experts in the field are invited to present their work and to engage in public discussions on topics related to the themes of the AAVS Summer School. In 2016, to celebrate the 10th consecutive year of AAVS Shanghai, we will host our most prominent event to date. In addition, AAVS Shanghai will launch a book, titled AAVS SH10 FOLIO, and wil open an exhibition, titled, AAVS SH10 SHOW, featuring the work of students, tutors and the director of AAVS SH, and also the work of  past visitors to the programme.

Exhibition:  AAVS SH10 SHOW

This exhibition aims to curate a retrospective of the design work of past students, current tutors and visitors to the AAVS Shanghai programme. The exhibition will speculate on AAVS Shanghai’s association to other programmes in the AA Visiting School, particularly in Asia, and also the AA’s programmes and staff addressing design approaches to urbanism within the context of the unprecedented scale and extent of urbanization of China.


Edited in many different formats, this book will probe the multifarious ways in which designers today interact with the complex forces shaping cities in the twenty-first century. Through a survey of how cities behave dynamically, form and transform, adapt and evolve, and how their specific characteristics and qualities can be generated. The content of the AAVS SH10 FOLIO book will include:

  • Introductions by AA Director; AAVS Director; AAVS Shanghai Director
  • Student work from 10 years of the AAVS Shanghai programme; emphasising work from recent years
  • A feature on AAVS Asia and its various programmes
  • Design work of the tutors and director of AAVS Shanghai
  • Design work of visitors to the programme (see AAVS SHANGHAI SYMPOSIUM posters on following pages)
  • Invited essays, interviews and transcribed conversations


AAVS 2015 SYMPOSIUM:  CITIES & SPECIFICITIES:  Wednesday 15 July 2015

As part of the events organized within the Architectural Association Visiting School’s 9th annual Shanghai Summer School, a large group of architects, urbanists, educators and theorists will participate in an afternoon symposium. Formatted as a series of brief presentations and salon conversations, some of the leading experts shaping China’s urban future will come together for this event.

Given the unprecedented speed and seemingly unstoppable pace of city building in the 21st century, a paramount challenge to overcome is the convergence of sameness among cities worldwide. The legacy of twentieth century models of assembly-based repetitive production has left enduring effects of standardization on cities, notably their universal monotonous similitude. Balancing an agenda concurrently pursuant of spatial coherence and heterogeneity, and hence the distinctiveness of cities, presenters in this event will confront, from a variety of approaches, the prevalence of default spatial and material modes of production shaping cities in the twenty-first century. Within this transitional urban and industrial context lie questions as to the ways in which the qualities of cities can be amplified and differentiated, to become identifiable rather than indistinguishable, during the most prolific era of urbanization ever to occur. A call for the specificity of cities stands in opposition to the proliferation of generic and ubiquitous urbanism, biasing the specific and unique, over the general and reproducible.



Changes in Industrial Paradigm

Interactivity & Intelligence

Heterogeneity, Culture & Cities

This event is hosted at The University of Hong Kong Faculty of Architecture Shanghai Study Centre, and is open to the public.

Organised by Tom Verebes, Director, AAVS Shanghai




The University of Hong Kong Shanghai Study Centre

298 North Suzhou Road

Hongkou District, Shanghai



Stefan AL
Director, Stefan Al Architects; Associate Professor, Univ. of Pennsylvania

Director, Carlow Architecture + Design; Assistant Professor, HKU

Thomas Daniell
Head, School of Architecture, University of Saint Joseph, Macau

Matias del Campo &
Sandra Manninger
Directors SPAN; Associate Professor, Visiting Professor, Univ. of Michigan

David Erdman &
Clover LEE
Directors, davidclovers; (Erdman) Assistant Professor, HKU

Colin Fournier
Visiting Professor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Christiane Herr
Associate Professor, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

Hina Jamelle &
Directors Contemporary Architecture Practice; Professors, U Pennsylvania

Christian Lange
Rocker-Lange Architects; Assistant Professor, HKU

Neil Leach
Visiting Professor, Harvard University Graduate School of Design

Neville Mars
Principal, MARS Architects, Shanghai

Rolando J Mendoza
Executive Director for Project Integration, Walt Disney Imagineering, SH

Olivier Ottevaere
Double (o) Studio; Assistant Professor, HKU

Gary Paige
Principal. GPS; Director, American Academy in China (AAC), USC

Su Yunsheng
Partner, Etopia; Professor, CAUP, Tongji University

Tom Verebes
Director, OCEAN CN Consultancy Network; Associate Professor, HKU

Philip Vernon
Design Engineer, E-Grow, Shanghai

Julien Veyron
Chief Executive Officer, Atelier Arcau

Yi Li
Lecturer, University of Miami

Philip Yuan Feng
Director, Archiunion; Associate Professor, CAUP, Tongji University


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