The course will be taught by a team of tutors from the AA School and other visitors, with expertise, skills and experience in computational and fabrication in teaching, research and practice. The programme is structured in two subsequent phases. Over the first three days of the workshop, a series of intensive ‘tooling-up’ sessions will serve as the basis for investigating associative design and fabrication concepts and methodologies. In a second stage of the workshop, students will develop design proposals responding to studio briefs focusing on developing intelligent models, interfaces and prototypes of urbanism.

The activities of AAVS Shanghai Summer School include studio-based design tutorials, fabrication lab introductions and tutorials, seminars, and a series of lectures, a public symposium will address contempo­rary topics related to the theme of the workshop. We will also take a field trip in and around Shanghai.

A Detailed schedule will be announced by Spring 2018.

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